Thursday, April 2, 2020

Graham County NC Closes it Boarders

Two days ago I traveled to Graham County, NC. I encountered a Check Point where the local Sheriff was demanding ID and only allowing residents with ID into the county. This is not America.
The County's stated purpose was that County resources should be saved to be available to the residents. This is a cover. This county does not have the any resources to save. With any serious illness a Graham County, the patient is transferred to a larger nearby city in another county. The real reason is that they want to keep out anyone who may be sick. They are afraid that they may catch this virus and they are shutting everyone out.
I believe that the County can not legally shut out traveler or part time residents. If I lived in Atlanta or Charlotte, and had a second home in the mountains, I would want to ride out this pandemic away from the city. The truth is that politicians are spineless cowards. No will will stand up and state publicly that this is illegal. If we all shelter in place, who care who lives two house over, or drives through the county.
We are translating the fear of this virus into fear of our neighbors. We are all going to get this virus. It is only a question of time. Ninety nine percent of us will come through it just fine, Do not allow our humanity to be a victim of this virus..

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