Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Can We Reopen America For Business

There may be a way to reopen America and still protect against the spread of virus. Scientists are close to developing an antigen test for the virus. This kind of test demonstrates that the person has been infected and has recovered. Scientist are also close to developing a test that returns results almost immediately. Instead of waiting hours or days, the results are immediate.

This virus is much more dangerous to the elderly and those with underlying health concerns. In parts of the country that have yet to be seriously impacted by the virus, a program involving testing and or monitoring could be used to put people back to work. Test an individual and if he has antigens, then he can go back to work. Test a person and they are free from virus, then they can go back to work. Testing for the uninfected could happen daily or every other day. If they show virus, then off for quarantine. Social distancing and followup with the contacts of anyone who tests positive would certainly be required. If everyone in the work force was from the low danger age groups, then deaths could be dramatically reduced.

I don't know if this is the answer, but the concept should be explored. Yes, everyone could stay at home and wait as the viral wave washes over the county. Maybe we can construct another scenario that has less financial impact upon the country. The characteristic of this virus and how it impact our population should be exploited to construct the best possible response.

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