Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Promoting the General Welfare

Promoting the General Welfare

These United States were created when a contract was created between the people and a proposed government. The people all agreed to be bound by the terms of the agreement. In the Preamble, one of the stated reasons for entering into this contract was to “promote the general welfare” of the people. There is no greater element of welfare than a persons health.

The common welfare would be enhanced by our government assisting and promoting health care at no cost to the people.

Wait, Don't Stop Reading!

I know what your thinking. Socialist Medicine, right. I never understood why we the people need to label everything. The fact is there are a lot of people in America that make a lot of money in the Health Care Industry and they want to keep us paying for it. I am a true believer in capitalism. It is one of the single most powerful mechanism for improving the living standards of people all around the world. And I have never been much of a fan of he way the government does much of what it does. Sometimes I think that governmental agency intentionally mess things up. But what is more important to you and me than our health?

There is a revolution coming and lots of feet dragging to prevent it from happening. Modern technology will revolutionize medical care. Everyone with a financial interest in health care will resist. Imagine what is now possible. With the advent of the internet the world has never been closer than it is today. We turn on our computers and look and talk to anyone who has internet access. Add to this mix the advent of Artificial intelligence and this is a game changer. Health care can be provided at a cost that has never been available before.

Many years ago if you were sick, the doctor made a house call and treated you. That changed and patients were required to go to the doctor or to a hospital for treatment. Now, the doctor can sit in his office somewhere and you could be seen over your computer or at a local facility were machines were available to monitor your vitals during the exam. The doctor could be anywhere in the world. Right now you can purchase wearable devices that will monitor everything from your heart to your body temperature. These devices monitor your vital signs and alert you and your health care provider if something changes. I'm not even going to talk about remote robotic operations.

Not being a fan of how the government does anything, I would suggest that we as a country encourage and promote non-profit health care provides that are endowed both by government and by private citizens with the goal of being self supportive. There are such institutions today. St Jude Children's Research Hospital comes to mind. Health Care is a big business and billions of dollars of profit gets generated every year. It's appalling to profit off the suffering of others? Why can't we approach this problem in another way.

There is a campaign being waged to mold public opinion and maintain the status quo. Suggesting an alternative to “for profit” health care gets translated into “Socialist Medicine.” Push past the labels. They want to keep the profits rolling in. Don't fall victim to the “Makes vs Takers” propaganda.  Lets rethink health care and make it better.

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