Monday, October 21, 2019

Bung Wrench, Never Heard of Such a Thing

I go to the flea market every weekend and look for interesting stuff.  On Saturday I came across a tool that I had never seen before.  Naturally I bought it.  My first impression was that it was some sort of implement tool.  Back in the day when a farmer bought a piece of equipment they often came with tools designed for the item.  I quickly moved off that idea because of the shape.  It looked like a giant jack.  For those of you who were born after the internet, there was a game played with small metal pieces and a ball.  You threw the ball into the air and picked up a many Jacks as you could before the ball came down and you caught it.  

An item shaped like a jack would not travel well with whatever implement it would have come with.  So not an implement.  I describe the item as well as I could and found similar items on the wed.  This is where I discovered it was a bung wrench for removing the small plugs in the tops of barrels.  Now I know.

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