Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Six Years On Youtube, Four Hundred Thousand Views and More

     My Youtube video channel name is 1willwander.  Today is the six year anniversary of posting my first video on  March 7, 2011.  It was taken on Fremont Street in Las Vegas and is called Hardcourt Hotties on Fremont Street.  It has a total on 308 views to date.  It just 29 seconds of a dance routine performed on Fremont Street.  Don't bother to go watch it, its not that interesting.  Since then I have posted 151 additional video.

     As the name 1willwander may imply, I travel around a little.  I had the idea that the revenue from these videos might one day help finance my wanderings around the country.  I do make a little money off the ads at the front of most videos.  The total for the last six years is $859.13. The ad revenue has gone down in the recent years.  I saw it steadily climb until it reached a little over twenty dollars a month.  Now I am lucky if it reaches ten dollars a month.  You can't get very far on ten dollars a month.  So that part hasn't really worked out.  

     I also reached a total of four hundred thousand views today.  I'm sure that this is just a coincidence. My most viewed video is called SHTF Store Military Surplus Las Vegas .  It has 57,497 views to date.  It is a video of a surplus store in Vegas that I used to love to just walk around in.  My favorite video is the Brazen Bunsen Bandit, Bunsen Peak Yellowstone National Park.    It was taken on top of a Volcano and features a little critter that always makes me laugh.

     I was just speaking with my friend Mike and he suggested I look up the word "inflection" in the dictionary.  You can't really argue with a guy when he's right.  I will continue to post videos of the things in life that interest me.  I hope that people enjoy what I post. And I shall endeavor to use inflection in my voice when I narrate in the future.

     And finally, if you watch YouTude and you like a video, click on an add.  The difference in income for the poster is dramatic.   Its just a way you can thank the poster for whatever value you received from watching the post.