Saturday, March 4, 2017

George Washington, He Was Famous Once, right?

I did it again.  I bought something at the flea market without knowing if it was worth anything.  This time it is something completely out of my frame of reference.  It is a cast iron commemorative axe. It reads "Independence 1776 George Washington Axe".  It's about eighteen inches long and weighs about eight pounds.  Again I will be searching the Internet for information before I try and sell it.  For those of you who are wondering, I known all about George Washington.

A conundrum that arose during this adventure focuses on the question, is it "ax" or is it "axe"?  I always spelled it "axe" but the spell check program is not wanting me to spell it "axe".  So I checked with google.  Yes, google is the ultimate authority on all things.  According to google, I'm right.  The preferred usage is "axe" but in America "ax" is coming on strong.  Now back to the hatchet.  The profile of Washington appears in the body of the business end of the chopper.  However, there is a caveat, to me the figure does not look anything like Washington.  The moniker of axe or ax is something of a misnomer, it does not have an edge.  It is blunt.  Really it's more of a George Washington commemorative club.