Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Workamper Ripoffs: Don't Accept A Substandard Wage

It's that time of  year when Workampers are planning their summer jobs.  Employers place ads in various places to fill their seasonal needs.  Yesterday I came across this post:

"Available March 1, 2017. Workamper position in xxxxxx, NC. (near Smithfield). 35 mixed use sites and 10 room motel. 30 hr/wk (5-6 hr days) for full hookup site only: includes utilities, cable & WiFi. 2 30# propane tanks filled each mo. 10% store discount, $20 laundry credit. Willing to do lawn maintenance, cleaning of rooms/cottages, work in office, help guests etc. Must have a winning attitude! Water, electric & carpentry experience is a plus. Email: xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo.com with resume and picture of you in front of your RV."

I went to their web site and discovered that they charge $373 per month for a full hookup site.   Lets do a little accounting.  There are 4.3 weeks in every month.  The required time of 30 hours a week translates into 4.3 x 30 = 129 hours per month.  The compensation they are offering adds up as follows:

 RV site valued at $373 plus $20 laundry credit and about $30 in propane.  

This equals about $420 in compensation.  The total compensation divided by the hours looks like this.  420 / 129 = 3.25.  That's $3.25 an hour.  The minimum wage in North Carolina is $7.25.  This employer wants to pay less than one half the minimum wage.  Plus they are not paying any of the associated taxes they are required to pay.  

If you are a workamper or someone who is getting into the lifestyle, please don't take this position.  It hurts us all.  I know you probable collect social security and don't need the money.  But there are people who do and accepting a job with substandard wages hurts the market.