Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Getting a Burger in Cherokee North Carolina at Paul's Diner

Paul’s Diner or as the sign says, Paul's Family Restaurant is located on Tsali Blvd or US 44, in the town of Cherokee.  Their signage claims that they have the best burger in town.  I stopped in the give it a try.  The restaurant states that it is Indian owned and offers a selection of Indian Specialties.  These include Buffalo and Elk burgers, rabbit, pheasant and Frybread.  The balance of the menu is traditional comfort food fare.
 The burger came with the standard fare and crinkle cut French fries.  The patty was hand formed ground chuck and comes in ¼ and ½ pound sizes.  I got the ¼ pound burger. They serve Hienz ketchup which is always a plus for me.

The Restaurant was clean and well maintained.  Decorated with Indian art and offers a generous selection of desserts.  If there was any downside it was the wait staff was a little inattentive.  I visited at three in the afternoon when the place as empty and my waiter was distracted.

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