Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Does Anyone Else Want To Sue Verizon?

     I have been a Verizon customer on and off for many years.  I couple of years ago I got a Hot Spot with 20 gigs of data.  I used somewhere around 12 to 15 gigs a month and was a happy camper.  During the last six months I have been over my limit almost every month.  At first I paid it, then I began to question the bill.  I hadn't changed the amount of time I spent on the computer or the kinds of places that I visited.  I fact, I reduce my use of the computer.  Yet every month the bill went over.  Then one month, I was told that I had 29 gig of overage.  This was simply impossible.  
     I had spoken to Verizon in previous of months about my concerns and I was promised that they would look into it. They would open a service ticket and said that an advanced level technician would investigate and that they would get back to me with the results. Of course this never happened. Every month I called Verizon and complained about the overage and they modified the bill. They kept promising to investigate and kept giving me service ticket numbers. They never inform me of any results of their investigations nor did they ever contact me as promised to discuss the results. 
     Somebody should seriously sue Verizon. I truly believe that they are overbilling their data. The simplest way to to increase corporate profits is a slight modification and how they count data usage. Of course if we had unlimited plans we would have to worry about them properly accounting for their data streams. I for one would love to see someone sue Verizon and investigate how they account for the data used in their systems.
     The problem with all that is that it takes a lot money to sue anybody in this country. So someone should set up a GoFundMe page, to raise enough money to sue Verizon. Maybe this should happen a whole bunch of times and that would let Verizon know that we are going to hold them accountable for their business practices  and ensure that they are honest in their billing system.
     Whatever happened to consumer protection organizations in this country anyway. We can't rely on the SCC, they're probably in bed with the wireless companies that are designed to regulate. So it's up to us.  What do you think, somebody out there want to sue Verizon?