Friday, July 1, 2016

Pyle National Locomotive Light And Other Mysteries

 I did it again, I went and bought something at a flea market that I have no idea exactly what it was for.  It is a light fixture made by Pyle National.  This company did a lot of work  in the Railroad industry.  They made both signal lights and head lights.
 I went on the internet and tried to look up the fixture.  I did a patent search and it seems that Pyle was making this kind of light from the early 1900s.   The patent applications are not an exact match.   
 The bump out with the company name is not present in any of  the patent drawing that I found.  But the general shape is there and the way the item was mounted was described.  
 I always try and find any number I can on the item,  This thing has a plaque with the number 12-D-1111.  I search that number without results.  Cast into the body of the beast is the number 1281 A.  Again nothing.
 The plaque say Pyle National Chicago and has Type 12-D-1111 on it.  No date made or patent number.  I could try and determine when the patent numbers were required to be put on the product and maybe get closer to a date.
Half of the fun I get out of treasure hunting at flea markets is the discovering information on the items I buy.  I will put a little more time into the search and maybe someone who reads this post will let me know the story behind this light.