Friday, June 3, 2016

Pandora' Box or Working on my Land Cruiser

     I own a 1967 Toyota Landcruiser.  Like any thing old, it needs constant up keep. A couple of weeks ago I broke down about thirty miles from home.  I had it towed back and the next day ($80) and set about finding the problem.  After a little looking I discovered that the problem was in the distributor.  I replaced everything I could in the distributor and it seemed to be okay.  ($55). Then two days ago it died again.  I had it towed back ($50) and again something in the distributor was wrong.    I decided to replace the distributor.  ($129). While I was replacing the distributor I notice that fuel pump was leaking and replaced that.  ($18).  Turns out the new fuel pump is bad so I return it and reinstall another.  While I am replacing the fuel pump, I accidentally punch a hole in the radiator. ($351). I get it all back together and try to start the beast.  I had put the distributor in backwards and it caused the muffler to blow up. ($90).  I don't even want to add it up.  

This is a picture of the muffler after I took it out.  As you can see it has a big hole in it.  Working on an old car is a little like opening Pandora's Box.  The last thing to come out of Pandora's Box was hope.  Well, I hope I never go through that again.