Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Flea Market Mystery Tool

     One of my favorite things to do is visit flea markets and look for treasures in the piles of things for sell. I like to buy watches and I have made a few dollars selling them on Ebay. At one time I was into buying tools and reselling them. Then the housing crunch hit and all the worker in that field needed to sell their tools to pay their rent and the bottom fell out of the market. There is one thing that a continue to do. If I find a tool that I do not recognize and I can buy it cheap, I usually do. This just happened the other days when I was at a flea market in the mountains of North Carolina.

     The tool is about an inch thick and maybe four inches by six inches in length and width. It is cast iron and has to holes in the body. On the narrow end's edge there are two indentations. I have no idea what this this is or how it is used.

     The marking include “076AB”, “WB” and “18”. I searched the internet and could not find the item. It is possible that this is a piece of a machine. It could be a rocker harm of some sort. It is made out of cast iron. If you have any idea what that “thang” is let me know.