Sunday, February 14, 2016

Mind's Eye by Douglas E. Richards Book Review

By Douglas E. Richards

The story appears to be set in the not too distant future where the internet is a couple of generations evolved.  The main character is in danger, but he does not know why.  He also has complete amnesia.  When I first started reading the book, I thought of the movie Enemy of the State with Will Smith.  In no time at all the hero discovers that he has the ability to surf the internet inside his head and the power to read minds.   He uses this mind reading power to survive repeated attempts to kill him.  He stumbles around searching for how he got the abilities he possesses and why he is the target of so many trained assassins.   The story evolves into a mental chess game between the arch villain, the US military, and the hero of the story. 

The author examines the issue of the impact of mind reading and mental web surfing presenting both pros and cons.  I enjoyed reading the book, but found that I did not think about it when I was not reading.  I found the motivation of the arch villain a little thin.  Over all I would recommend the book.