Monday, November 23, 2015

Living A Dream on The Outer Banks, North Carolina

I grew up in Charlotte NC and when I was a kid, I always wanted to visit the Outer Banks.  It was somehow a magical place where pirates and wild horses lived and you could catch a ride on a home made airplane.  Today is my last day of my visit here.  I have stayed in a beach house 30 feet from the the ocean.  Waking up with the sun rising out of the oceans has been amazing.  I have only found small portions of the Outer Banks that has lived in my mind all these years.  Development has ruined the place in many areas.  Portions of the rugged desolate barren out post that I had imagined remain.   Most of the place has houses from the Atlantic Ocean completely across to the Sound side of the Banks.  I suppose that more people like the place developed and I am in the minority thinking that houses packed in like sardines is a bad thing.  It is a story that I find repeated time after time as I travel around the country.  Its just the way things go.  I still have my imagination, and I can find that place I envisioned and visit it anytime that I need a little rejuvenation.

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