Thursday, July 9, 2015

Ansco Memo Camera, Goodwill Find

     I like going to Goodwill and looking for hidden treasures.  Over the years I have found some interesting items.  For a number of years I was a flea market seller.  I would buy storage auctions and sell what I bought at the local flea market.  Now I just go to garage sale and the local Goodwill.  After a while you start to get to the point where you have seen so much that if you see something that you have never seen before, chances are that it is rare.

     Today I stopped by the local goodwill and I spotted an old camera.   It was a Memo Camera by Ansco.  I had never seen one before.  It was two dollars so I bought it.  I have no idea if it was worth anything.  It is a 35 mm camera.  The interesting thing is that it is a half frame camera.  I take this to mean that the pictures are half the height of a normal 35 mm.  These cameras came in a number of configurations that included different lens and shutters.  Some were just plain wooden boxes, some were painted and like this model some were covered with leather.  

     I have no idea if this camera is worth any money.  Part of its value to me is that I get to look it up and learn a little about it.  Eventually it will end up on eBay.  

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