Monday, June 29, 2015

Indian Point Trail, The Shore Trail and The Big Woods Trail, Blagden Nature Preserve Mount Desert Island, Maine

Indian Point


     Indian Point is located on the western side of the Island.  Blagden Nature Preserve is in the area.  It was a rainy day and I wanted a place near the campground to go and explore.  Indian Point is a peninsula with both private property and the Nature Preserve.  I thought I was hiking on the Indian Point trail.  As it turns out I think it was the Big Woods Trail.  This trail leads down from the parking area to the shore.  It descends through mature forest until it opens up onto a meadow.  Near the Meadow you reach the shore trail that takes you along the water.  Round trip it was a little over three miles and took about two hours.  The trail was covered with puddles and there were areas of short boardwalks to keep you out of the water and mud.  The rules allow you to walk a private road to the shore if you can not handle a rough walk.  The nature of the soil in the area causes roots to grow along the surface and the trail is a patchwork of roots.  The weather was bad and because of this the views were restricted.  I could see that the coast would be an amazing place to visit on a sunny day.

Shore line looking south.

Shore Line Looking North

 There are benches and chains along the shore that you can use to soak in all that the area has to offer.


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