Saturday, May 2, 2015

Buxom Wenches, Randy Tars, Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park

     Spring  had come to Chattanooga.  All the trees had gotten their leaves and the flower were starting to bloom.  Where once you could see through the trees there is now a wall of foliage. Just around the corner the heat and humility were sure to follow, so it was time to leave  and head for parts north.

     I left Chattanooga a week ago and headed for Maine.  I had not seen my daughter in a couple of year and she lives in Massachusetts.   I had never been to New England and wanted to visit the area.  I had always heard about this place called Bar Harbor.  It had a sort of mystical quality.  I imagined it a sleepy little town populated by randy tars and buxom wenches.  A step back in time to a 18th century fishing village.  I had decided to head in the general direction of down east Maine.  

Greenfield Massachusetts
     One of the first thing that I notice was that spring is lagging behind a little.  I wasn't long out of Chattanooga and the green started to fade away.  About the time I hit northern Kentucky, spring was no  where to be seen.  The farther north I traveled the less spring like it was.  I finally stopped off in Greenfield Massachusetts and it was winter again.  I climbed to the top of a local observation tower to get a grand view of the town.  Winter was a week or two away from leaving. 
      I am settled in Maine and looking forward to exploring the area.  Right next to Bar Harbor is Acadia National Park.  Acadia is the most eastern National Park and is the only National Park comprised solely of donated land.  The area was a retreat for the rich and famous of the New York City and they wanted to keep their backyard free from development.  They bought up all the land and made it into a National Park.  I heard Acadia is an amazing place.  

     Over the next couple of week I will explore and post on the area.  I promise to let get you a picture of the first randy tar I spot.   

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