Thursday, April 16, 2015

Constant Vigilance, Hell Froze Over and Pigs Were Flying Around The Parking Lot.

     Today I was sitting in my favorite restaurant where I do most of my writing.  I have been working on my next book.  I am friendly with the staff and they ask and I told them about Constant Vigilance.  I guess it got around that I was a writer and what I have written.  Today someone came up to me with a copy of Constant Vigilance and ask me to sign it for them.  
    Immediately I checked to see if pigs were flying around the parking lot or if Hell had frozen over.  I never would have imagined that I would be approached by a stranger and ask for an autograph.  At least not this early in the process.  I have been working on promoting Constant Vigilance and have had minor success.  The hardest part being a writer in not writing a book, it is selling the book.
     The book has been up on Amazon and Barnes and Noble since September 2014.  It is also up loaded to Smashwords which distributes the book to dozens of Ebook retailers.  You can also go into most brick and mortar book stores and order a print copy if you want.
     It will probably be a long time before this happens again.  I must say that it was a nice feeling to meet someone that liked the book and wanted me to sign their copy.    

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