Sunday, February 22, 2015

Pickle Barrel In Chattanooga Is a Unique Experience With a Tasty Burger

Hiking trails and scenic wonders are not the only things I search for in my spare time.  I am always looking for a good Cheeseburger.  I heard that there was a unique bar and grill in downtown Chattanooga called the Pickle Barrel.  The story goes that the place was started by a bunch of hippies 30 or so years ago and that they got run out of town for some reason. 

The Grill got picked up by the current owner and he has been operating it ever since.  It is truly a unique experience.  The Pickle Barrel is at the narrow end of a flat iron building.  So the place is shaped like a slice of pie.  Over the years various people have inscribed their marks in the wood furnishing and structural elements.  At some point the owners applied a finish to these signatures and they have become a permanent part of the landscape.  Everywhere you look is visually interesting.  The best part of the experience was the burger.  It was great.  

  The deck on the second floor looks like an amazing place to spend a late summer afternoon or evening.  I suspect that the patrons of the bar are mostly students from the local University.  While I was having lunch I noticed that the Bar provides live entertainment on occasion.

I was at the bar in February and the trees were bare of leaves.  I hope to return in the summer months and sit on the upper deck and watch the world go by.  Sounds like the sweet life to me.  If you are spending a little time in Chattanooga, you should put the Pickle Barrel on your list of places to visit.

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