Friday, February 13, 2015

Mabbit Springs, Signal Mountain Tennessee

Just recently I took another hike in the Chattanooga area.  This one was on Signal Mountain.  The place is called Mabbit Springs.  The walk starts deep in a Signal Mountain neighborhood where you pick up a trail that leads you to a overlook at the site of a water fall.  Near the beginning of the trail there is a sign that explains some of the history of the Area.  Apparently a man named Mabbit moved to the area in the 1800 and purchased 400 acres because he believed that the waters from the spring would help his ailing son. 

The trail is well defined and follows the creek from the spring until it join another and continues down to the site of the water fall.  

 I went on the hike in the first part of February and the trees were bare of their leaves.  I plan to return to the area in the summer and experience the area with it full complement of foliage. 

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