Saturday, January 31, 2015

Preparing For Breakdown, An RVer Needs To Look Ahead. Rescue Tape

There is absolutely no doubt about it. When I start out on a trip, I plan for the breakdown.  Its not that I have a lemon of an RV.  It is 55 years old.  But even if it were new, a breakdown could still happen.  I carry a full set of tools, but tools only get you so far.  If a radiator hose bust, I certainly could take it off.  I still would be stuck until I got another hose.  I cannot carry every possible part that might break.  One of the things that I do carry is self-fusing silicon tape.  This stuff is amazing and I would not leave home without it.  The most obvious use is to seal a broken hose.  It can be used for other things, such as electrical wire repair.  The brand that I carry is Rescue Tape.  It comes in a number of colors and works amazingly well.  I could tell you how strong it is or how many psi it will withstand.  All that probably would not mean much to you.  What would mean a lot it when you bust a radiator hose, you wrap this stuff around it and it makes it so your RV can be driven.  This stuff is insurance against being stuck and losing time and money while getting the RV repaired.  

While I was up in Yellowstone this past summer working at a RV park, we had regular reports of someone busting a waterline inside their motor home.    I lent out my tape on more than one occasion.  Instead of having to go without running water, these RVers got right back to their vacations.  Anyway, you get the idea.  You don't have to click on the link here and go to Amazon to get you some.  But if you do, I will get a small referral fee.  Just a few cents.   Either way, get yourself some.

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