Sunday, January 11, 2015

Nature Reserve in Chattanooga Tennesse, Audubon Acres

I recently visited a local nature
 preserve in the Chattanooga area.  The place is called Audubon Acres and was the family farm of Robert Sparks Walker, a noted naturalist and historian.  It is listed in the local guides as having historical significance to Cherokee  history.   

There is a visitor center and a old log home together with numerous trails through wooded areas and along a winding creek.  Along the trails there are markers that describe the trees and plants and list how the plants were used by the Native Americans.  There also appears to be imported trees that have been added to the local selection. 

The old log house can be opened for tours.  I was lucky enough to get a tour of the house.  It is furnished with all manner of period furniture and appliances.  

 This is apparently the boyhood home of Robert Sparks Walker. It is very rustic.  I understand the the fireplace was not original to the cabin.
 The house was appointed with the customary tools needed to live in a cabin from this era.  Looking at the implements was as interesting as the cabin itself. 
 I don't think I would fit in the bed in the corner.  I would imagine that the chinking on the walls would normally be much darker for the fireplace, cooking and lights for the cabin.
Can you imagine have to spin the thread to weave the cloth to make your own clothes?  The process must have taken forever.  I guess they had to grow their own cotton before they could spin the thread.  Didn't they have Walmart back then?
This is a view of the attic of the cabin.  Everything appear to be period appropriate except for the blue tarp. 

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