Sunday, October 12, 2014

Amazing Old Bus Spotted in Las Vegas, Brill Bus

          When you own an old bus, you tend to pay attention to other old buses.  I was lucky enough to spot this old bus and it will soon be for sale.  When talking to the old owner he claims that the bus was used by President Nixon in his 1960 presidential bid.  The bus is certainly old enough.  I understand that Brill stopped making buses in about 1954.  But how would you prove such a thing and would it make the bus more valuable. 

          Before I spotted this bus I had never heard of Brill.  A quick spin around the internet and I found out a little information.  The company got its start in 1868 making horse cars.  They eventually started manufacturing street cars, motor buses and railroad cars.  Apparently at one time Brill made more interurban buses than anyone else in America.  This bus a ACF-Brill badge on its nose.  The company had that name between 1944 and 1954.  This bus would have to be dated within that time frame.   

          The bus is in great shape considering that it has been so neglected.  It is in Las Vegas which mean that rust is less of an issue.  I peered inside and there are machinery parts in the bus.  It would appear that the drive train has been at least partially removed.

 All things considered it is a very interesting bus.  I would hate to see this go the the scrap yard.  If you are interested in the bus drop me a line and I will give you more information.

This is the second old bus that I have spotted while in Vegas.  The other one was a couple of years ago.  You can see that post at Antique Bus Spotted in Vegas

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