Thursday, September 25, 2014

Walmart Hopping Down Interstate 15

       Two days ago I left Yellowstone and headed south.  I was hoping to make Salt Lake City but the universe had other plans.  I lost a front tire and it took a couple of hours to get it all sorted out.  I was just north of Pocatello Id. and after the fix, I headed to the Pocatello Walmart.  

        Yesterday I was in no hurry to get up and get going.  I left Pocatello about noon and pulled into the Walmart in Orem Ut. about 5 p.m.  Another nice place to stay.  There was a park about a mile away, so I walked over and did a once around.  

         While I was in Yellowstone I was always concerned about walking up on a bear of a buffalo.  After walking around a city for the first time in six months, I think cities are more dangerous than Yellowstone.

        Hopefully I will make it to Las Vegas today without any further breakdowns.  Then its back to planning my next adventure.

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