Friday, September 26, 2014

Tire Trauma On Interstate 15

          Two days ago after just leaving Yellowstone I had a blow out and lost one of the front tires on my bus.  I called Coach-net, my road service, and they sent a man out and changed out the spare.  So I moved on down the road.  I was in no hurry so I drove about 200 mile down interstate 15 to Orem Ut.  All was well.  Yesterday, I again hit the road and I made it about 150 mile when I had a blow out on my tow vehicle.    

          It was the front drivers side tire.  When the tire blew out the wheels turned to the left and I drug the vehicle about a quarter of a mile before I could get stopped.  During that time I guess I bent the steering linkage and now the steering wheel will not turn.  

          Once again I called Coach-net and this time they sent a tow truck that took the FJ40 to Beaver, Ut.  This is the nearest place that says they can fix the problem.  I spent the night in a KOA in Beaver and this morning I'm heading over to get the bad news.  

         The trip is turning into what ever can go wrong, will go wrong.