Friday, August 1, 2014

Lone Star Geyser Trail, Yellowstone National Park

      I have rediscovered the pleasure of hiking while in Yellowstone.  I go on a major hike every couple of days.  I have been to the Lone Star Geyser twice.  It is about a five mile walk.  I say walk because there is almost no gain in elevation.   There was
once a road back to the geyser that is now closed to traffic and hikers or bicyclists are all that is allowed.   The trail follows the Firehole River all the way back to the geyser.  The road is lined with tall trees that cast shadows on the road.  For most of the day you can walk in shade.  The trail parallels the river for a short distance until you come to an old bridge.
 I enjoyed just sitting on the bridge with my feet hanging over the side watching the water flowing to where ever it was going.  There  is something comforting in the sound of a slow moving river.  All along the trail the river is your constant companion.  It pulls away in places but returns in a short while all the time whispering it hypnotic tune.
There are meadows and fields along the way were wild flowers and grasses reach up to grab their moments in the sun.  After a while you crest a small rise and you are standing on the edge of a thermal feature.  The contrast could not be more striking.
 The area is baron and for the most part devoid of life.  It is brown and gray and empty.  In the center is a mound that has steam festering from it top.  Every now and again it will gurgle and burp a little water.  The geyser will erupt in about three hour intervals with a stream of water and steam that is said to be the second highest in Yellowstone.  This last a while and then the geyser settles back into burping and gurgling.

Here's the video of the Hike I took:

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