Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Fairy Falls Trail, Yellowstone National Park

     The Firehole river is the first thing you encounter along Fairy Falls Trail.  This river get a quarter of its water from hot springs as can be seen as water tumbles over its banks. The trail is located in the Midway geyser basin.  The trail head is about four and a half miles north of the Old Faithful area along the road between Old Faithful and Madison. 
     The trail continues along the remains of the historic Foutain freight Road.  The road skirts the base of the Madison Plateau as you approach the Midway Geyser Basin.  This area was once known as hell’s Half acre.  This area contains the Grand Prismatic Spring, a most colorful thermal feature.  The Fairy Falls Trail makes a left turn off the Frieght road and continues through an area burned out by the 1988 fire storms.  There has been substantial recover from those fires and this can be witness along this trail. 
     The trail is relatively flat and it is an easy 2.6 mile walk.  You are rewarded by a 197 foot waterfall and cascade into a small pool at the bottom.  

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