Friday, May 30, 2014

Yellowstone Fishing Bridge RV Park Snow, Snow and more Snow

What a difference a month makes.  When I first got up here in Yellowstone it was cold.  I know that cold to me may not be cold to you.  It was getting down to 13 degrees at night with the days in the 30’s.  To me that was cold.  To make things worse the way that they cleared the RV park caused tall walls of snow adjacent to each RV spot.  It was like parking in an ice box.   In fact there was a partial freezing of my engine block one night.  The coolant turned to slush.  The fluid on the top of the engine in the thermostat housing actually froze and cracked the housing.  I had to send away for another one so I could drive my car.
            The days have warmed up to the 60’s and last night it was only 34 degrees.  There has been a significant melt back of snow and most of the ice walls are gone.  I have had the chance to hike a couple of trails and even get off trail and did a little cross country.  There is still a lot of bear activity in the area.  The Bison and Elk are starting to calf and you can see them from the road as you drive around. The RV park itself is about 2/3 full.  With 340 sites that mean about 220 are occupied.  Other camp grounds are opening up and the tours and activities are starting to launch. 

            In a short time the rut will start and the bull will be at each other.  I hope to be able to get some video of some of the battles.     As always thanks for your support.

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