Saturday, April 26, 2014

Yellowstone Saga Continues Unabated

          May 1, is my deadline to be in Yellowstone.  For a while today I was beginning to think my bus did not want to go the Yellowstone.  I have been starting the bus regularly and this morning was no different.  I started the bus.  The bus has an air compressor attached to the engine and I use one of the on board tanks to fill up the tires.  I spent about 30 minutes airing up and then I shut down the bus.  I did some other things around the bus in preparation to leave.  Then I decided to take the bus for a spin around the block.  It would not start.

          The first thing I did was check the batteries and they had 12.8 volts, fully charged.  I then checked the voltage at the started and it was good.  So what now.  I decided to clean the connections at the starter and solenoid.  No help. I went on the internet and reached out on a forum that I am a member of and  while encouraging still no help.  Finally I decided to clean the battery isolator switch.  This switch cut off the batteries when the bus in not in use.  It was a little hard to flip.  Finally after much ado the bus started.  The switch had corroded.  The bus has started fine since I cleaned this switch.

          I am now down to five days to get to Yellowstone.  It is 750 miles and I guess I could drive it in a day if I had to.  A friend lives along the route and I was hoping for a visit.  We'll see how it goes.  

         And the adventure continues.

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