Thursday, April 17, 2014

To Keep Or Not To Keep, That Is The Question

     There is this old saying that the time required to perform a task expands to include all the time available to complete the task in. This has been a constant rule in my experience.  I also have a parallel rule.  The items you choose to store expand to fill the space available to store them in.  Well I am full up in the storage department.  The problem is I can’t take all this stuff with me and I need to decide what is important and what to discard.  For the last week I have been going through the boxes and draws of the bus sorting and evaluating the many treasures that I stored.  More often than not I catch myself asking “Why did I want to keep this?”  There is the occasional “So that’s where that is.”  But mostly it’s “What was I thinking?”

     I might have a miser’s bone somewhere in my body because I often find myself saying “I can sell that.”   I do have a lot of experience selling stuff and I know that if I think I can sell it then it will sell.  But as someone else said “time is money”.   The time required to sell the stuff would exceed the value I would realize from selling it.  It just goes against the grain to trash something that I would and probably will pay good money for in the future.  On the other hand part of my ethos is that we do not possess our possessions they possess us.  You know less is more and all that stuff.

      So I continue with sorting, sifting and repacking.  All the while Boo searches for the tennis balls I store away for her.

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