Monday, April 21, 2014

A Wing and a Prayer, or 750 Miles in a 1960 Bus

     It’s been a long time since I went anywhere on a wing and a prayer.  When I was sixteen I hitchhiked all over the United States. On this particular adventure I didn’t have a wing, just a lot of prayers.  I started in Los Angeles and went up and across the country and eventually ended up in North Carolina.
     When I was in my late teens, a friend lived in Corpus Christi Texas and wanted to move back to Los Angeles.  That’s about 3000 miles cross country round trip. At the drop of a hat I got in my 1963 Econoline van and drove out to Texas to pick him up and bring him back to Los Angeles.  There were a lot of other shorter trips with the same scenario.  Some old worn out vehicle taking me on a thousand mile round trip.   Los Angeles to Salt Lake and Los Angeles to Ensenada are a couple of examples. 

     On all these trips I really never gave any thought to breaking down and not being able to get back with my ride.    I now have the opportunity to go to Yellowstone and live and work in the park for the summer.   I have ten days to get there.  I have been working for the last month to get ready to go.  The trip may be in jeopardy because right now I don’t have the funds to make the trip.  There is this old saying that life is what happens to you when you’re making other plans. 

     The thing is that back when I was trekking all over the country I was never really concerned about having the money.  I was never really concerned that the car would break down and I would be left in the lurch.   I’m still scrounging for the funds and with a little luck I will get the minimum need to get up there.  It is about 750 miles one way.  I think that this old bus of mine will make it.  But for whatever reason traveling on a wing and a prayer in a lot more stressful that it used to be.

     There is in place a way for you to invest in my adventure.  There is this site called GoFundme that I have signed up for that allows for donations.  I don’t think of it as Ebegging.  I have an obligation as a result of the funds donated to this adventure.  First of all I must have an actual adventure.  Secondly, I must write and post about the journey.  A lot of people that I meet and talk to have dreams of adventure but for many reasons must defer them.  By donating you can be a part of the journey, a part of the adventure.  

     I will chronicle the journey and do my best to keep it interesting and entertaining.  Thank you for your support. 

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