Sunday, March 23, 2014

Identifying a Wooding Verona Ax Head

I continue  in my weekly trek to the local swap meet to discover treasures to sell to make money.  It has not been going too well of late.  I have a lot of competition and the easy access to the internet has made finding bargains more difficult.  I went three days this

week and all I found was a double bite ax head.  It used to be there was a little money in these thing if you could ID them and they were rare.  The problem is IDing the maker.  Why don't people put their names on the things they make.  This head had an impression on it and it read either US01 or USO1.   After a lot of looking my best guess is that it was made by Wooding Verona.  Anyway, its up on Ebay and we will see what happens. 

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