Sunday, January 26, 2014

Silver or Silver Plate, How do I ID This

I have, of late, been haunting a local flea market.  I look for things that I can sell to make a little money.   I have from time to time purchased things on what I call spec.  In other words I do not know if they have value or not.  One of the enduring mysteries of flea market finds is silver and silver plate.  Naturally if you find something and it says sterling or 925 then that is clearly an indication that it has some value based upon the silver content. 

Assuming that is that it has not been faked.  But the greater mystery is narrowing down who made it and when.  I just found a piece of silver or silver plate at the flea market and got it for $8.  I have no idea what it is worth or who made it.  I’m not really sure what to call it.  Is it a sugar bowl or something else?  I don’t know. 
I have done this many times over the years.  I will come into a piece of silver and try to id it.  There are a number of sites online that are helpful in IDing silver.  There are also a number of sites that list maker’s marks.  Inevitably I will not find the mark I am looking for on any of these pages.  You would think that you could upload a picture of the mark and the computer would ID it.  I guess we’re not there yet.

TAs you can see this is a oval container on four legs.  There appears to be cherubs of a sort on two of the legs.  There is a face on the handles that appears to be a lion.  The top has patterns etched into it that to me have a North African feel.  On the bottom it has four marks.  There is a “J” .  Then there is a circle that appears to have a stylized FVH inside it.  This is followed by three letters “MET” and finally the number 35.   So what is it and who made it.   I have no idea.  

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1willwander said...

The folks over at helped me Id this as a Hefra product. From Poland. It is silver plate. Date still unknown