Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Barska Safe Rip Off, Don't Buy This Safe

I got a Barska Safe recently.  It is a biometric model.  In other words if you put your finger tip in a certain place the safe will recognize that finger tip and open the safe.  This function works on batteries.  The batteries are inside.  They provide a key to open the safe as an alternative to the finger print entry.  

I take the safe out of the box and put the key in the safe and it does not open.  The  key turns.  There is a click, but the safe does not open.  So I email the company and ask about how far the key should be turning and no response.  Then I call.  I am first told to push down on the safe and it will open.  So I hung up and pushed down on the safe and still it would not open.

I call the company again and they said that I could return the safe to them and they would replace the safe for $40.  Yes that's right, I get a defective safe and I get  to pay them $40 to get the safe back.  Talk about not standing by a product.  

This safe is not really a safe.  It is a secure storage box.  Anyone with a screwdriver could open the safe.  It's made out of cheap stamped metal and is flimsy.  There is no way on earth that the actual cost of manufacturing of this safe is more than $40.  

The long and the short of it is this company will stand behind their product only if it actually cost them nothing.  I will never buy another one of these safes and recommend that you never buy one either.

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