Sunday, December 8, 2013

Antique Bus Spotted in Las Vegas

      I was wandering around Las Vegas the other day when I spotted a vintage bus parked in an industrial section of town.  Not knowing what the heck it was I decided to get a closer look.  I walked into the yard where it was parked and started inspecting the beast.  

In no time at all the owner showed up and we started chatting about his bus.  He was from Canada and was heading for Baja for the winter.  It was an annual pilgrimage for him.  He had been wintering on the beaches of Baja for many years. He was making a pit stop here and was having some repairs done .

 He told me about the bus but frankly I just can't remember everything he said.  I think he told me that it was a 1947 White.  He also said that he had done extensive engine up grades and modification.  Yeah I know I'm one hell of a reporter.  

 We talked for a while and I told him that I had a 1960 GMC PD-4104.  I assume that this qualified me as a certified Bus Nut and he warmed up and gave me the 50 cent tour.  It was an amazing bus with character to spare.  It was as much a piece of art and a means of transportation.
 I got these photos and was on my way.  I am sure that a bus this distinctive is known to many.  

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