Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Universe Tends towards Chaos and So Does My Life

      I am so annoyed I can’t stand it.  My bus is broke.  First it was the throttle cable.  I have been trying to find a replacement for two weeks.  Now the house batteries are giving me fits.  I took them out today to take them back where I bought them and they say that they cannot replace them until they charge them for two days to see what happens.  Meantime I am in the dark.  My propane ran out and I had to swap my tank.  My car is starting to complain when I try to start it.  I think the starter is going bad.  My computer is falling apart.  Somehow a hinge broke and it is cracking the case.  This is just the top of the list. 
      In general I guess I am just tired of everything not going well.   I need a good bitch session.  In some ways I am afraid that if I start bitching I won’t be able to stop.  I understand that the universe tends toward chaos and that change is the natural state of being.   But still.  Even the universe allows smooth sailing from time to time.
      I made a mistake the other day when I shipped something that I sold.  I used a priority mail envelope.  The problem is that it was a priority express envelope. The envelopes are identical except one has the words “Express” written on it and it cost twice as much.  So when the post office got it to where they were going they wanted more money.  The guy refused and had it sent back.   Not knowing my mistake I call the post office and they told me about my error.  So I went to the tracking information and looked at it.  The package was never handled as an Express package.  It was just handled as a priority mail package.  Machines do all the sorting at the post office and the label was just priority mail.  But the post office would not deliver it without getting extra money.  Even though it was never handled as a “Express” package.  So I gave the guy back his money and lose the cost of mailing the damn thing.

I could go on and on.  But you don’t want to hear it do you.  Your list is probably just as long as mine.  I’m still trying to get out of Las Vegas.  But things don’t look very good.   I swear to you that I will not be here next summer.   I don’t think I can live through another summer in Vegas.  Okay, enough ranting.  I’ll stop.  But I’m still annoyed.  Really annoyed.the 


Coco said...

What about dried fruits? Or Nuts!

Coco said...

Oops that was meant for the next post... sorry were having a tough spell.