Friday, November 8, 2013

More Flea Market Finds.

1955 Bulova Senator
      Since I have been in Las Vegas I have not been involved much in selling on line.  I have played a lot of poker and one thing that have I learned and constantly been reminded of is that you really cannot play effectively without a bankroll.  Since I have nothing close to the correct bankroll I have not been playing much poker.  I have been attending the local swap meet regularly of late to hunt for items that I can make a profit on.  I have had a little success.  I did a video on the Broadacres Flea Market a couple of years ago and it has been successful. 

      When I go to the flea market I look for items that are valuable but that most people do not recognize as valuable.  Back in California the flea markets would almost always contain a number of electrical plug ends.  I’m not going to tell you the name or the brand of the plug.  I simply do not want to deal with the competition.  I would buy these plugs for under $5, sometimes for as little as $1.  I would almost always sell them for over $50 each.  Since I have been in Las Vegas I have only seen 4 of these plugs.  I purchased all 4 for $15 and sold them for $140.  A nice little profit.  I wish I could do that every day.

     I have always had an interest in watches.  Over the years I have been able to make a little money buying and selling watches. 
Unfortunately watch wearing is on the decline and the profits are getting smaller.  I will still buy a watch or two now and again.  But the money is not as good. There are still opportunities but they are harder to find. 

One of my recent flea market finds is a folding bike.  It is a Dahon made in the early ‘80ies.  I paid $40 for the bike.  I believe that it has a valve in the area of about $125.  I may in fact keep the bike for my own personal use.  It stores very well on a motor home.  The bike has very small wheels and only a three speed gear box.  That normally would be more than enough for riding around a RV park.  Maybe I can trade my way up to a larger model.

      The key to making money is looking for item that you can sell in a different market.  I recently purchased a Fluke clamp meter for $10 at the Flea Market.  I was unfamiliar with the particular model but I did know that Fluke instruments are pricey.  I felt that I could not go wrong with it.  I did make a quick sale on Ebay for $50.  After fees and shipping that was a $30 profit.  There is a lot of stuff that you know that may lead you to find deals at the Flea Market.  All it take is a little of your time and some experimentation. 

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