Thursday, November 14, 2013

I wish it was the Air Cleaner.

I wrote a post a few days back about my bus not running well.  At first thought it was the air cleaner that was the problem.  As it turns out It was a defect in a 35 foot long throttle cable.  Yes the throttle cable is a special kind of cable.  It just couldn't be a simple wire rope that you can buy at any hardware store.  It is special and unique.  Yes that means expensive.  The only one that I have found in the universe is currently being offered at $175.

There's that old say that one should be careful about what they wish for, because they might in fact get it.  Well I wished that it was not my air cleaner and that it was just the throttle cable.  That was before I knew how special my cable is and how pricey.

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