Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Eating Without Refrigeration and Without Cooking

     I am always looking for ways of keeping foods I like that do not require refrigeration.    I suppose you could eat PB&J every day of why life but would I want to?  I have certain strategies for eating without refrigeration.  One of my favorites is using single serving tuna pouches and individual servings of mayo in packets to make a sandwich.  I get one pouch of tuna and two packets of mayo, salt and pepper in packets and I’m set.  I do the same thing with eggs.  One egg, one packet of mayo, salt and pepper and lunch.  The pouches of tuna and packets of mayo do not have to be in a frig.  Neither does a hard boiled egg.   When I go to a restaurant that has those single servings of mayo, mustard and ketchup I always get extra for my supply.  These packets last forever and make keep condiments simple.        

     Cheese in a can and crackers make a good snack.  I never really thought of that stuff as food before I started living in my RV.  Cheese under pressure in a can who would have thought. There is ham in a can made by Dak.  It is already cooked.  I slice it up for ham sandwiches.  Then the left overs get used with cheese and crackers for snacks. 

    There is chicken that comes in small pouches that can be combined with mayo for a sandwich or used with lettuces for a chicken salad.   Salami and Pepperoni are cured meats and can last for months without refrigeration.  

    Fruits are always good but have a shelf life.  I prefer things that will last a long time on the shelf. I eat a lot of items that just require heating, like soups and chili but this post is about eating without cooking and heating something up does qualify as cooking.  
    I keep a supply of Granola bars also.  They make a good snack. I tend to stay away from sweets.  Something about blood sugar and all that stuff.  But chewy granola peanut butter bars are an exception to that rule.  If you have an idea, send me an email.  I'll add it to my list.

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