Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Duke Of Fremont Street's Attacker Hears His Fate

Edmond Paul Price
The long ordeal of the Duke of Fremont Street is coming to an end.  After being convicted of numerous felonies from his attack on the Duke, his attacker, Edmond Paul Price stood up before the Judge and heard 30 years to life.

The nightmare began for the Duke in June of 2010 when he met with Price in Primm, NV for the purchase of rare metals. The meeting was to take place in a hotel room.   Duke is a long time dealer of gold and Silver.  As he entered the room Duke was ambushed, bludgeoned, and bound up by Price and a Victoria Edelman.  After overcoming Duke his attackers went into the bathroom to clean off the blood from the attack.  Miraculously the Duke managed to escape this assailants.  This fact probably saved his life.

The Duke Holding Court
The trial turned into an epic saga as Price used every delay tactic and ploy known to a good jail house lawyer.  He objected to and appealed ruling after ruling in the preliminary stages of his trial.  He was well schooled in the delay process.  This won him the small victory of staying in the Las Vegas area instead of serving another prison sentence in the California desert.

Unfortunately the fat lady has not sung.  There are still appeals which I am sure that will follow.  For Price this is entertainment and diversion from the tedium of day to day prison life.  For the Duke it is a small annoyance knowing that from time to time he may have to appear at some future hearing.

Edelman has yet to be sentenced.

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