Sunday, September 15, 2013

Still Stuck in Las Vegas, Need to Make a Connection

I've been in Las Vegas a lot longer than I ever wanted to to be.  There are lots of reasons that I got stuck.  But stuck I remain.  I need to make a connection in order to get out of Dodge.   I need to put a receiver hitch on the back of the bus so that I can tow my puddle jumper.  My Newest Project the PD 4104 had a lot of crap welded to the back end.  The previous owner not only towed a car behind the bus but also carried a motorcycle  I cut all that off and left a little iron so that I could rebuild a receiver hitch.

I telephoned around so the various welding
Crap I cut off Bus
shops and they want between $500 and $700 to create a receiver hitch for the bus.  That is chuck of change I don't have to spend on a bumper hitch.  I need a plan B.

I had previously created a campaign on GoFundMe in an effort to tap in to the amazing generosity of the Blog reading public.  After about two years I have had two donations. That's not working all that well either.  I guess I need a plan "C".

Plan "C" could be a life of crime.  After all crime does in fact start with "C" so it may be poetic.  I hear crime doesn't pay.  But then again all those wall street bankers seem to be doing pretty well.  My problem is I have an immutable honest streak.  This kind of gets in the way of a life of crime.  Maybe I should watch that television show, Breaking Bad and get some pointers.  Nah, never happen.   So it on to plan "D".

Plan"D" could stand for Divorcee.  I could find a rich Divorcee with nothing but time on her hands.  I would have to shave and shower (wasn't there something else with that) and put on nicer clothes.  Then I would have to throw away all that time I spent as a curmudgeon in training.  I may have past a point of no return on that curmudgeon thing.  I'll have to think about that.

The letter "E' is next.  Employment.  I could get a job.  Nah.  And I remain stuck in Vegas.

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