Sunday, September 22, 2013

Someone hit the Switch in Las Vegas

The summers are hot in Las Vegas.  We have 80 or 90 days when the temperature is in excess of 100 degrees.  There are usually 60 or 70 days in a row with temperature in excess of 100.  Today someone hit the switch.  The temperatures have fallen to fall levels and the night time temperatures are reaching the 60's.  Finally sleeping without air conditioning.  Fall is short in Vegas.  Not that it ever really gets cold here.  In December and January you will get nighttime temperatures in the 30's.  It does occasionally snow but it never sticks for anytime.  Around April things start to warm up and its nice until med June.  There are a lot of places were the weather is a lot worse.  But I'm not there to complain about it. Right now the heat is over and I have about a month of good weather to look forward to.  Then out comes the heater.

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