Thursday, August 1, 2013

GMC PD 4104 Power Steering Problem, Stuttering

My discovery continues as I explore the systems of my bus.  I have experience with cars and trucks but nothing with diesel and large vehicles.  When I moved the bus the other days the power steering kind of stuttered when I first pull off.  This to me meant that I have air in the system that needs to be bled off.  I have done this in cars before.  You jack up the front end getting the wheels off the ground and turn the wheel back and forth until you get the air out.  I am not looking forward to jacking up the bus, but I can do it.  The other part of the equation is, where is the power steering pump.

Power Steering Pump
I got the maintenance manual out and read that it is connected to the back side of the engine.  So I went and looked.  When I say that I am not familiar with the systems of the bus, I do mean systems.  This is the power steering pump.  It is directly connected to the back of the engine.  There are hoses coming off the pump that go to a remote reservoir.  In most cars and small trucks the power steering pump and reservoir are one combined unit..

Power Steering Reservior

Power Steering Filter
The hoses that connect to this pump lead away to a remote reservoir located on the side of the engine compartment. Then there are hoses leading to what I assume is a filter of some kind. All these item combine to make up the power steering system.

Air in the lines usually means a leak somewhere. I can drive it it this condition as long as I don't discover a large puddle of fluid under the bus.  This is just another example of the complexities of a bus and the systems they include.

 I am sure that I will figure it all out.  It just takes time.

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