Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Making Money As Full Time RVers

I have developed a habit of reading a number of blogs on a regular basis.  One of these blogs is from the Gypsy Journalry.  The guy who writes the blog is a full time RVer that makes a living writing.  He writes in several areas and puts out a news paper like publication called the Gypsy Journal.  Plus he writes ebooks on various aspects of full timing.  In addition he writes fiction and is currently publishing a series of western novels.  He travels all over the country and writes about the places he see.  He reports that he makes a good living with his writing.

Another blogger that I follow is Technomadia.  This is a couple who are also full timers and make a living by working remotely.  They are involved in software development and consulting.  They are also involved in writing apps for the phones relating to RVing and have written ebooks on using computer while traveling around the country from place to place.

If you are serious about full timing and want a model of how to make a little money along the road then these two travelers are good examples of what is possible.  I need money Extra income  money on the internet make money  traveling earn online  online money making ideas  easy money work a home blogging for money internet money how to blog for money making money traveling

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