Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Electrical Issues on the Bus

I haven't posted in a while.  Not really in the mood.  The bus is still being hard to get along with.  The person who converted this bus made errors in the wiring.  And there may be a short to the frame somewhere in the bus.  I had a little furry beast roaming the inner passageways for a while.  Peanut butter was his undoing.  Anyway I have shut off all the circuits except the one that runs the AC and I have properly wired that circuit.

If you look at the breaker box it is a little confusing.  There are basically three wires in the circuits.  One is a hot one.  That's were all the juice resides.  Hots are usually black.  Then there is the neutrals.  This kind of balances out the power allowing a return of the voltage back to the grid.  This wire in my system is white.  Then there is the green earth wire.   The ground.

So here's what my box looks like:   If you look at the left side there are a bundle of bare wires that go to a point on the side of the box. These are the earth or ground wires.   Near the letter "D".

 The white wires are supposed to be neutral. There is a neutral bus bar just above the breakers in between the letters "B" and  "C".   So far so good.

 If you look up at the top of the box on the right you will see wires coming into the box and going to the left.  Among these wire is one that is white.  Not necessarily bad if in fact it is a ground or earth wire and it was intended to go to the ground in the box.   The problem is how do I  know that this is what was intended.  There have been some issues with the bus.  It has fried or melted a couple of extension cord plugs.  This is a sign of trouble in the wiring.   It could be a neutral fault or a ground fault.  I don't know.  I know enough about electricity to get myself shocked.  I need a way of tracing the wire.  There are these things called signal generators that basically send a radio signal down the wire that helps  you trace them.  I have one for the telephone industry.  This is okay for small wires.  The signal from this thing dies and is untraceable on the bus.  I need a more powerful transmitter.   They exist but I don't have the funds to spend.  So I need a hack.  Any ideas?

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wph said...

At Lowes you can pick up a tester for $5-10. Usually ir is yellow, small and chunky with 3 prongs. Plug into your outlet and it has lights that will tell you if it wired correctly, open hot, open neutral or reversed.