Thursday, July 4, 2013

I Have A New Super Power

As I have gotten older I began to notice that I was developing a super power.  Invisibility.  It started when I was in my late 20's,  I slowly became invisible to young good looking girls.  As I got older my powers grew until most women up to about 30 could not see me at all.  Nowadays I am almost totally invisible to all women.  I have now discovered that my super powers are expanding.

The other day I was filming a poker tournament.  As I was walking around the field of players I saw a lady that I had meet a month or so ago.  She and her husband were playing in a daily poker tournament at Binions .  We began to talking and they introduced themselves.  Her name was the same as a long time friend of mine so it was easy to remember.  When I saw her at this tournament I said hello and called her by her name.  She looked at me in utter confusion.  I reminder her that I had meet her and her husband.  She still did not remember a thing about our meeting.  Our conversation had lasted a couple of hours but still she could not remember.  So, what is my new super power?

Apparently, I now have the ability to induce amnesia.  It sort of goes along with the invisibility thing.  After all if you can't see me how could you hear me.  If you can't see me or hear me why would you remember me.  The one bright side of these super power is that if I could find a bank with only female employees I could walk right in and walk off with all the money.  I'm just saying! Right.

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Unknown said...

Apparently the P.D. is immune to your super powers... must be their badges! They do need those stinkin' badges afterall! Man, I hear ya, I am in the same boat at age 43. I have a wonderful son so I am not complaining, and he is glad he doesn't have to share my time with some stranger woman and possibly her kids as well... so it is what it is.. I tread water and hope I meet a cool hippie chick one day. Happy 4th!