Friday, July 5, 2013

Computer Backup Power Supply as RV Voltage Drop Compensater

I have an old bus and I park it in places that I need to run long electrical cables.  Sometimes I have issues with the power drop.  The problem is that an extension cord provides resistance to the electricity that flows through it.  If you use a 100 foot extension cord and the gauge is too small, you could lose 30 to 40 percent of the power in the line.  This means that 115 volts would drop down to 87 volts.  There are actual calculators that will tell you the exact amount of the drop.  This is bad because electronic equipment could be damaged from low voltage.  Compressors in air conditioners have a hard time working with low voltage.  There are in fact special inverters that are designed to solve this problem.  They sit there and monitor your electricity and if it fall low it uses the house batteries to generate make up power.    These are purpose built and expensive.

There are products that were designed for computer industry as backup power.  These come in various sizes.  From very small for home use to massive for huge server farms.  They have many of the same functions as the purpose built inverters.  With the small home use backups, when the batteries die the units are often discarded and could be had cheap.  Hacking for a solar or RV application does not seem to be hard.  Especially a rack mount model that relies on a battery bank.

This is just an idea.  I bet there is a electrical engineer out there with a little time on his hands that could reason all this out.  So get busy and tell me what I need to get.  

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