Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A Million Dollar Prize Pool

One of the things that happens when you play poker is that the casino that you are playing at takes money out of the pot.  They call this a rake.  They sometimes take a little money for prizes that they give out to the players.  If a number of casino are own under the same company, they sometimes pool the prizes.  This could lead to a huge prize.  

Right now there is a bad beat prize at a local group of casinos and it has reached 900,000.00.  A bad beat is basically a really good hand being beaten by another really good hand.  This means the four Kings are beaten by four Aces or a straight flush.  The thing about it is that if you are playing at any casino in the group and the  bad beat happens at any casino in the group, then you get a share.  This share depends on how many people are playing throughout the casinos involved.  This could be thousands of dollars.  

This explains why I ended up playing at Bally's.  While I was there I made a video of the poker room.  Here it is.

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