Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Generator Saga Continues aka The Bane of My Existence

 It’s only an empty bay in my motor home.  For those of you who have not been following this saga, I recently purchased a 1960 GMC PD 4104 bus that had been converted to a motor home.  The prior owner had taken the generator out of the bus.  I have never seen the generator installed or exactly how it was installed.  Because the hot weather is coming and I am not currently plugged into electricity, I wanted to install the generator for the hot summer months.

The first issue that came up was related to the polarity of the generator vs the bus.  The bus is positive ground and the generator is negative ground.  I did research and posted questions on bulletin boards and believe that I got the answer.  

The next issue that arose was that the muffler would not clear the bottom of the bay when the generator was set on the pedestal.  I look closely and it looked like a vibration isolator was missing.  This is kind of a motor mount for the generator.  I had to wait a week while the item was shipped in.  After receiving the isolator, I began the repair.  It turns out that the isolator was indeed there and that it was in good shape.  I was still left with the question of clearance.  I decided to double up on the isolator and raise that side of the generator.  This made the generator just clear.  However, the way the muffler sits, it is clear that this was not how the generator was installed. 

So now I am two weeks closer to 100 degree plus weather with no generator.  I still have no idea how this generator was installed.  I am beginning to believe that the old owner may have traded out the original generator and got the one I have in trade.  I wish I had a contact for him so I could at least ask.

Anyway, the saga continues.

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