Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Generator Installation Issues AKA Opening a Can of Worms

I have been chronicling the re instillation of a generator into my 1960 GMC PD 44104.  It has been an adventure.  I have worked on old cars for most of my adult life.  If I have learned anything from this process it is that when you go to do anything on an old vehicle, you can not help but discover a whole list of other things that need to be repaired.

The previous owner installed this generator in a place and in a way that I found hard to believe.  In fact I refused to believe it for the longest of times.  I eliminated all the other possibilities and finally re-installed the generator the way that the previous owner had.  It is in and running.  However, I turned into more than just the generator.

The fuel tank is on the opposite side of the bus.  It is beyond me why the tank needed to be on the other side of the bus.  But that is where it was.  I pulled the tank and drained and clean it up to receive new gas.  In the process of rehabbing the tank I discovered that the fuel line was rotten.  So I had to replace the fuel line.  Part of the line was flexible tubing and it ran through three bulkheads.  In addition, part of the path included a portion of the bus that is completely inaccessible.  I managed to replace the tubing, but added another repair item to my long list.

The tubing goes through the bulkheads without the protection of a grommet.  There are just a holes in the bulkhead with a tubes running through them.  This is a disaster waiting to happen.  Vibration will wear away the hose and cause a leak.  Before I get this on the road I will have to fix this.  But in the mean time the Generator is installed and is running.

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